Universal is a platform with global access to all markets in the world such as: CFDs, stocks, ETFs, futures, forex, options, among others. This software has connection with all brokers, being a universal with powerful commercial functions as it offers an extensive list of advanced features.

50 thoughts on “Universal”

  1. Mike Dawson says:

    With little investment it worked for me. But I have 2 months with them, I hope that in the coming months everything will be better and I will be given greater security.

  2. Rominick D. says:

    The importance of a universal broker like this is the connection and how easy it can make the lives of us investors even of any person, this technology is the best.

  3. I feel satisfied since I met this technology, it works excellent and it combines perfectly to allow me to manage my money much more easily, I have great comforts with them.

  4. Ed Matheus says:

    Amazing! It connects all existing platforms and markets in the world. This is a great advantage for me because I walk through 3 types of platforms and “Universal Platform” allows me to do it my way without complications.

  5. Alice Button says:

    Excellent, the best broker I’ve tried in life, the large number of markets seems infinite. They have greater benefits than anyone, I recommend you at least try it and you will not regret it.

  6. Paolo Rottelli says:

    Derivatives, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, raw materials, and MQL5 signals. What else can you ask for? They are for many reasons the best existing broker.

  7. Jeung Sun says:

    They offer much more than any common broker, connect platforms, markets and everything, there is nothing like this broker. For about six months I started with them and I have not stopped exploring the markets.

  8. Tasha Tunnie says:

    Congratulations to the creators of Universal Platform, they have managed to create a broker so unique and special that there is none to match it. That technology allows you to create your own synthetic markets is wonderful, because it also gives you the opportunity to do everything on your own.

  9. Dan Courth says:

    It allows high leverage without restrictions and this is a great benefit for high-cost investment brokers, with the possibility of obtaining good profits. I am happy with them.

  10. You earn money even if an investment fund loses value, it gives you the possibility to train with them and make their platform the new charm and best friend for any investor. A wonder just for traders.

  11. Alan Cano says:

    I am just starting with them, a very short time ago in a unique way, at first I did not think that I would find myself with too many benefits, not having a website was not very focused on what they offer, but I just tried it I knew that it was I took the Better decision, they have a great variety of connections with many markets.

  12. Oliver U. says:

    It allows social trading in Darwin accounts and that has made things easier for me, I was also able to create my own investment fund with its universal code, after 12 years in the world of trading, I recognize that this is the best broker I have met in the history.

  13. Rob Doggie says:

    I love that long or short leverage can be made with any asset, there are no limits as with other brokers and they offer thousands of benefits that give you the freedom to invest as we want. It is the best broker.

  14. They offer great advantages and it satisfies me as a client to be able to add my own liquidity providers to the platform, it is a great benefit and more so that it is so easy to do with a code only.

  15. I am happy to find a platform like this, it gives you access to thousands of markets and you can handle them as you please without doubt is the best they have been able to create as a broker.

  16. Sunshine Abel says:

    The advantages offered by Universal Platform are not compared to any other broker, I recommend it especially to those people who have been operating in trading for years, they will find how wonderful it is to have this platform at hand and enjoy it.

  17. Nickolas Borj says:

    You can literally do anything with this platform, a wonder.

  18. I love that they look for ways to compensate the collection fees with the banks, it gives a guarantee to the suppliers and users that everything will remain legal and that nobody will lose money completely.

  19. The option to create your own market should be applauded, it gives everyone an opportunity to offer new forms of investment and connection through the markets, the proposal is very interesting.

  20. Universal Platform has everything under control, compensates profits and losses with liquidity providers to maintain a stable liquidity among all its members, acting as a Universal clearing house, the technology it offers is crazy.

  21. Grace Cardigan says:

    If the capital that is provided is not sufficient to cover expenses and avoid future bankruptcy, the software itself ends up covering it with future commissions giving absolute priority to such work, making bankruptcy impossible, turning the Universal network into a secure technology.

  22. They use as much as possible of the commissions and profits of the network itself to increase total leverage, they have an organized system of wonder.

  23. Bayle Morgan says:

    I really want to try this technology, it generates a pleasure for everything that is said to be offered, it is the kind of companies that help you win and not lose, the broker we all needed.

  24. smith black says:

    Many brokers do not offer you security of your monetary or investment or profit capital, but they do and that makes it the type of broker of the future that will sooner or later surpass many others.

  25. The idea of ??operating with any type of market and making use of it to generate greater profits and with an easy-to-use platform seems incredible, no broker offers as much as this.

  26. Daniela Corshia says:

    A platform with transfer facilities through banks, where nobody loses only wins and helps you evolve according to your capital. Admirable.

  27. Jonas Price says:

    I need to hire a service like this, I want to create my own market and I have $ 100,000 available to invest even if it is with a partner, Universal Platform offers something excellent.

  28. This platform looks wonderful and the possibilities of growing thanks to the ease of access to all markets of this a wonder within the brokers.

  29. Drake Nichols says:

    No broker is the same as this one, all other brokers have market, payment, profit limitations, in general they are not complete. I would say that Universal Platform is the most complete broker I have ever known.

  30. Madeleine says:

    Universal Platform goes beyond any known platform, it is a digital evolution in trading and I am sure that soon it will be made known much more about it, because for now it is not as well known but it will be a bomb as it was even the bitcoin inside of its category.

  31. They offer a wonder even for the banks, compensates the gains and losses with the liquidity providers to maintain a stable liquidity among all its members, acting as a Universal clearing house, something unique among the world of these technologies.

  32. There is no minimum or maximum leverage limit and this makes anything possible with them, usually the brokers have limitations but for this platform it seems that they do not exist.

  33. Simon Kang says:

    It is a useful technology for small investors and large investors, it allows you to make a profit with big capital or little capital, depending on what you bet, real profits.

  34. Jacob huth says:

    I would not catalog this technology within the brokers, it is a unique platform in its style that is above the brokers and any type of market, this technology is the future of trading.

  35. Achieving connect brokers, markets, banks and more makes this platform the best creation in the last decade.

  36. Jake Abel says:

    I am an expert in offshore trade for 9 years, when I decide to change my type of investment in the forex market I looked for a broker that offers me any sufficient benefit to be comfortable, I find this technology and I find it wonderful, it allows me to address All Market types at the time you want, I recommend its use with total confidence.

  37. Money is safe with them, they always have answers to doubts and the most important thing is the endless opportunities they offer, the most interesting thing is that you can create your own market.

  38. Adriana Black says:

    I have wanted to create my own market of synthetics or etfs for 4 years and had not achieved the way, thanks to Universal Platform I am finally able to form my market with a capital that occupies everything and is not limiting, it is a dream that I achieved thanks to This platform

  39. Sophie T. says:

    Excellent platform, a unique and dynamic design, is easy to use and has facilities that are not found in any other broker.

  40. América N. says:

    The connection with all banks makes everything easier, at first using the platform was difficult because I got used to the MT5 but once I adapted I understood the reasons why they offer so many benefits, and opportunities, they are the best.

  41. Louis Made says:

    A unique platform, no broker is compared, with this futuristic technology you can achieve great feats.

  42. Valentino Cruice says:

    I would love to explore this website, a friend told me that it is excellent and that it covers all the thousands of existing markets and is something never seen before in trading, I want to get the technology.

  43. It is very important to see how technology advances, it is time to improve ourselves as traders and give way to new ways of operating, I congratulate the entire universal platform team.

  44. Attractive technology, I would say with all sincerity that this technology is beyond the brokers we know, it could not be called broker but the new era of trading, this is a new way of seeing business and managing your investments.

  45. Edmund Jaene says:

    How can I get this technology? I have a lot of interest in operating with them and a fixed amount to do business with all those who wish to create synthetic markets or more.

  46. Esteban Torres says:

    Este tecnología revolucionara la forma de hacer trading, pasará como en otras áreas como cuando nació el sistema android que permitió aplicaciones de cualquier tipo y revolucionó el mundo de la telefonía, algo similar pasará pero con el trading. Estoy encantado con la libertad de mercados que no se tiene en cualquier broker.

  47. Pierre Levraf says:

    Un cerveau devait créer cette excellente option pour ceux d’entre nous qui souhaitons se débarrasser des limitations imposées aux courtiers. Ce logiciel offre aux traders un large éventail de possibilités.

  48. Não há dúvida de que este será o gatilho da transação, o Bitcoin costumava ser, e a Plataforma Universal tem tudo o que pode ser uma plataforma para qualquer trader se destacar, estou fascinado

  49. José Arturo Meneses says:

    Hace 2 meses me informé de esta plataforma, tuve la oportunidad de darle una mirada y no me detuve, simplemente es lo mejor que he conocido, llevo 3 años operando en el trading de futuros y metales preciosos y por primera vez siento la libertad y seguridad de hacerlo a mi manera e incluso expandir mis inversiones

  50. Adrien Alexandre says:

    Plate-forme unique, après avoir utilisé cette plate-forme, vous n’aurez plus besoin d’en utiliser une autre. Je le pense vraiment

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