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  1. Stay away If you value your hard earned money. Just a quick research show tallinex is not regulated to provide financial services and is also registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines which is often used for money laundering.


    Nonetheless, the legal, supervisory, and regulatory systems of St. Vincent and the Grenadines at present create significant opportunities and tools for the laundering and protection of the proceeds of crime and allow criminals who make use of those systems to increase significantly their chances to evade effective investigation or punishment. The structural weaknesses in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. laws increase the possibility that transactions involving banks or other entities and accounts maintained in St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be used for illegal purposes.

    1. Did you ever trade with them? It seems you are basing your review off a couple minutes worth of research and not actual experience with them. Regulation doesn’t mean a thing in this industry. There are crappy brokers that are regulated and there are perfect brokers that are not regulated.

  2. Tallinex is one of the BEST brokers I ever dealt with. They are honest, reliable, and their support is fast. I would rate them more than 5 if I could.

  3. anybody would tell us about slippage with them?


    if you want to get ripped of, do trade with them!

    I have never been so angry with a broker! This is my first time I have been scammed by a broker during my trading career.
    Stay as far as possible from them!!!!!
    The ironic part is that I was trading with a tiny fund of below 6k with them, to see their performance… imagine if I went with normal equities of 40k and plus.
    From an experienced trader, take my advice, do not trade with them, you’ll regret it.

    1. when you say that you have been scammed would you explain how?

  5. scammers are everywhere be very carefull and do a very good you diligence before leaving your money to the first come scammer.

    1. Cheers bro. i am just gutted,all my hard earned money gone in a flash.

  6. superadmin says:

    This broker ensures my fund safety, low transaction cost, easy withdrawal system with fast execution, expert customer care service with active reply and I never thought customer service could be this quick, best mt4 platform, lowest spread, high leverage, usable deposit bonus etc. In my view they are providing the best service in this market.

  7. superadmin says:

    I respect Srbitcoin, that’s very good brokerage. Everything I need is just TIGHT spreads, FAST withdrawals, RESPONSIVE support team and QUICK order execution. I have all of these with aafx so I recommend you to use srbitcoin!!

  8. superadmin says:

    it’s not easy to deal with brokerage companies now because on the one hand there are a lot of them on the other hand, there is little good to say about their quality, with a large number of assets and withdrawal of funds is without problems…

  9. superadmin says:

    I like working with a broker. It’s always good, no issues arised. The money withdrawal works just as fast, which I would like to compliment separately. Keep working well

  10. superadmin says:

    I’m impressed with this brokerage. Tight spreads, fast execution and a lot of assets. I’ve even already tried 2000:1 leverage, never saw the brokerage that would offer such high leverage.

  11. superadmin says:

    It’s great that srbitcoin gives us the most complete and varied experience. So far, I’m very pleased with the opportunities that I have with this broker.

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