6 thoughts on “SimpleFX – www.simplefx.com”

  1. Good platform and easy to use, for now I am doing well but I only have a few weeks with them.

  2. It offers the possibility of executing quick orders with just one click without confirmation, this is an advantage for me as a trader although for some it is a danger to have.

  3. Wiston Cannon says:

    You receive 25% of referred clients, it has multilevel affiliation, it seems to me that it gives several benefits to users and this can be enhanced even though it still needs to work the web to make it more attractive.

  4. Andy Whitaker says:

    The demo account allows to establish a stop-loss and I have tried brokers that not even that allow, I just joined simplefx to try the platform I do not plan to stay with them, because there are better brokers but it is not so bad.

  5. I like the calculator tool, there was a broker that I abandoned because I did not have this tool and I consider it necessary in any broker.

  6. In den wenigen Monaten, in denen ich es getestet habe, hatte ich keine Probleme und der technische Support hat auf meine Zweifel richtig reagiert und die Plattform funktioniert einwandfrei.

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