Poloniex – www.poloniex.com

Best-in-Class Tools

  • Stop-limit orders to reduce trading risk
  • SMA and two EMA lines ready for your customization
  • 5-minute, 15-minute, 30-minute, 2-hour, and 4-hour candlesticks
  • Fully zoomable charts that cover complete market history

For Your Protection

  • Majority of customer funds kept in cold storage
  • Entire exchange continually audited and inspected for unusual activity
  • Two-factor authentication available for your protection

Community and Support

  • All support tickets resolved promptly and with care
  • An active, vibrant chatbox community for idea-sharing and updates
  • Chatbox moderators available to address your immediate questions and concerns


6 thoughts on “Poloniex – www.poloniex.com”

  1. Extremely slow customer service and don’t really respond or properly read questions. Much to improve.

  2. Worth experience ever.

  3. Saul Gomez says:

    Easier to use than others and they have high volume. Nothing but great!

  4. I’ve been into crytocurrency for a couple years now, mostly the mining side of it. I started reading an article on the web about a US based Exchange called Poloniex. They offer a variety of tools to elevate some serious capital on your coin. The one i was most interested in was the lending. The way it works is you deposit some money, then you can lend it out for trades and you get a percentage. It’s much more profitable then mining, especially when the markets are on the up. They also offer the usual margin trading and exchanges that most other sites do, but i have only used a few exchanges, and i really think bittrex.com is over rated. I love Poloniex.com. I’m not a promoter either, i’m totally for real, if you want to make money, Poloniex is where it’s at.

  5. Alessandro says:

    A good exchange with quick support.

    The option to loan many cryptocurrencies for Margin trading adds a low risk option whilst still generating a return on investment.

    An Open API makes it possible to add trading bots.

    The first downside is a lack of comprehensive information in the FAQs where the focus is mainly on brevity over detail. This makes it less accessible to new traders.

    No Fiat support is also a downer but the choice of coin ensures there are options

    All in all, this is a good platform, easy to use and full of feafures.

  6. Excellent exchange run by good, honest people..I was a member of Poloniex and had some of my own BTC stolen in the hack that took place about a year and a half ago and Dana and the rest of the crew were very transparent about what occurred, what was taken, and how it would be paid back..and they kept their word to the T ..so much so that I felt compelled to donate the remaining amount of BTC (there was an outstanding balance owed that would decrease over time as they paid back those owed) I was owed to the exchange. Class act for sure and I continue to trade high volumes on their (must faster platform) today. Polo always seems to have a number of coins on the exclusive tip too, so naturally it’s hard to miss if you’re deep into alt-trading.

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