7 thoughts on “Mahi FX – www.mahifx.com”

  1. Juno Kappo says:

    Bad broker. I do not recommend it for testing, be careful.

  2. Sylvester says:

    I signed up for this broker a month ago but I have noticed too many inconsistencies, the spreads change from 2x -3x with some pairs and I don’t think that is normal, it seems to me that they manipulate.

  3. Being a market maker, I thought that its execution would also be better in markets that move faster, but in reality it is bad, it has a slow execution. Your site still depends heavily on flash instead of html5.

  4. Mantinello says:

    It is not a bad broker, but it must improve many things, the most positive is that this broker offers a great leverage for beginners at 1: 100, with good spreads and no commissions.

  5. Dolf Kaluuya says:

    When financed by credit card, your card is charged $ 5 because they are listed in lottery tickets, and the website is too confusing, I would not recommend it.

  6. Danai Mara says:

    After negotiating and using the broker for 9 months with them, I finally found a broker that suited my style, I like the deposit and withdrawal conditions.

  7. É um corretor muito ruim e eu não recomendo usá-lo porque gera apenas perdas muito grandes.

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