9 thoughts on “iMarketsLive – https://imarketslive.com”

  1. Frankforex says:

    The company is not clear about its trading conditions, although one thing clearly stands out – the very high, it may be a mistake on the site. It is unusual what they present as a broker, I do not guarantee any of their services correctly.

  2. Fausto Graves says:

    I am not very satisfied with this company at the moment, it is a pity because when I started with them it seemed like a serious broker and I was very interested in them.

  3. Salvatore Priore says:

    Excellent products, the spreads are fine, I have no complaints with them.

  4. Mark Williams says:

    If they improve the platform and the agents are properly educated this broker could be a good competition in the market.

  5. I do not recommend this broker, they look like newbies in the business and make people lose instead of winning.

  6. Timothy Walker says:

    I have done well with this broker, although I would like the profitability to be higher, it is not the best broker I have tried but I have no big complaints either.

  7. I do not like it, it seems that the graphics were manipulated or there is something strange, I do not know if it is something that only happens to me or is to all who have tried the broker but it is not right.

  8. Marco Pirelli says:

    Sembra che scelgano esattamente chi imbrogliare, alcuni hanno buoni bonus, ma altri vengono rubati da questi ladri. Mi sento derubato perdendo € 2.000 per queste persone.

  9. Alejandro Pérez says:

    El servicio de este bróker es pésimo, la plataforma se congela bastante y las operaciones nunca se mantienen abiertas.

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