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IFC Markets is an international Forex and CFD broker with more than 10 years of experience. IFC Markets is regulated and licensed by international organizations such as the European CySEC and FSC BVI organizations.
IFC Markets belongs to the IFCM Group, its members have been working for 10 years on the development and implementation of new projects in the field of financial technologies.
IFC Markets is an international financial company that offers excellent commercial conditions for the professional trade:
· 500+ trading instruments, including Currency Pairs, Precious Metals, Index CFDs, CFDs on Shares, CFDs on Commodities, CFDs on Commodity Futures and Gold Instruments
· Best Execution – fixed spreads and instant execution
· The innovative method of GeWorko – opportunity to create your own synthetic instruments, do analysis and trading. In addition, customers can trade instruments created by IFCM analysts from the PCI Library
· Qualified online support in 18 languages 24 hours a day
· Excellent business solutions – NetTradeX is a professional platform of its own with advanced analytical capabilities and the popular MetaTrader 4 platform with WebTerminal and MultiTerminal
· The company offers a competitive partnership program with commissions starting at $ 10 to $ 15 for 1 standard lot.
· Annual interest in free funds up to 7%
· Leverage is up to 1: 400 for all instruments except for CFDs over shares and Commodities goes up to 1:40
Professional liability insurance with AIG EUROPE LIMITED
The main objective of IFC Markets is to provide customers with high level services including a steady increase in the number of commercial instruments, an unplanned trading, regardless of the trading volume they are performing, instant execution of all types of orders, low spreads and The availability of technical support in just a few minutes to any part of the world.


7 thoughts on “IFC Markets – www.ifcmarkets.com”

  1. Do you know this broker? I do not get a good impression.

    1. Hello Abadie, for Forex you have very good brokers and of a higher reputation than that, I do not say that it is bad or that it is good because I do not know it, but having the headquarters in Cyprus does not help much …

      1. Cyril, could you please tell me the disadvantage of being based in Cyprus? Is there something dangerous or does it have to do with customer operations?

        1. It is simply that supervision in Cyprus is less strict than that of countries like Spain or England, which already depends on the good faith of the broker.

  2. Does anyone know that broker or have you heard whether it is safe or not? I tried to find information on this site, but I could not and some friends recommended it to me. There are not too many threads to talk about it.

    1. I am the first time I hear of this “broker” however the main thing is that you see that it is regulated, and I have only seen that it complies with the brokerage rules ….

  3. I know about this broker and I do not recommend anyone, I have lost a lot of money with this broker when I was winning by trading. Gold simply did not let me close operations, when I finally got in touch with them they said it was my computer error, not Is the first time, only when the profits were in favor of the broker everything worked well. I do not recommend taking care of your money and please invest in brokers that are actually regulated by the agencies that claim to be.

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