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IC Markets is one of the world’s true ECN Forex brokers, offering trading solutions for active day traders and resellers as well as traders who are new to the forex market. IC Markets offers its customers cutting edge trading platforms, low latency connectivity and superior liquidity.

Online traders are now able to gain access to prices and liquidity previously only available to investment banks and individuals with high net worth.


6 thoughts on “IC Markets – www.icmarkets.com”

  1. awesome Aussie true ecn broker

  2. Is there someone who is trading with this broker more than a year? Please send me message. I want to know if this broker is scam, or is really the best. Thanks

    1. Very bad experience with this broker:

      – Big difference between Demo and Live, no slippage on demo, a lot of slippage on Live. 20% of my account lost due to slippage.
      – Mediocre Customer Service
      – 10 days to withdraw funds and 55 USD fee!, (They denied me Moneybrokers withdrawal, in spite of they offer it on their withdrawal form)
      – The only good thing: low spreads, but, is it important if you get a lot of slippage on the entries?

      I don’t work anymore with this broker.

    2. Awsome broker! Service is really good and fast. Low spreads. 1,55 USD Cashback for one lot.

    3. Good Bróker
      We can not blame it to the broker.

  3. I have experienced excellent support, narrow spreads, and since moving to a live account, I have only experienced slippage on my very first live trade, but I believe it was due to a connection problem at my end.

    In ECN account, commissions plus swaps can be quite high for a small account like mine, but the very narrow spreads at least offset much of this.

    Very happy so far, after 1 week live, and 2+ months demo trading.

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