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  1. FxGrow is the fastest to verify accounts. Fast platform and ECN accounts, I spent 7 months trading with them and I changed for investment reasons but to start is a good broker.

  2. Jane Carlsoon says:

    I joined them when they offered me a differential discount, but then they stole my data and took money from my account without my permission, I started with a $ 2,000 account and ended up with a $ 90

  3. They allow to operate with any strategy, but I feel it is a hoax, a couple of months ago I registered with them and I am regretting it because I do not see any kind of benefit, it is not what they promise and on the contrary they gradually run out of balance consider.

  4. Treach Souza says:

    I opened an account for this most horrible broker because they promised me a 100% bonus. I spoke cautiously with the assistant and they assured me that there was no expiration of the bonus, I asked him to send me the terms and conditions sheet and that the expiration of the bonus was not mentioned, they also charge for everything, even for the use of the support chat

  5. Frances Marshall says:

    Vous ne pouvez pas faire confiance à ces entreprises frauduleuses, il existe déjà de nombreuses plaintes sur le net qui exigent votre argent après avoir perdu.

  6. J’ai investi avec ce courtier il y a deux semaines et je n’ai vu aucun mouvement ni bas ni élévation, en fait il semble être inerte sans mouvement d’aucune sorte. Il est étrange.

  7. Their offers are very economical, which makes it much easier to make investments but withdrawals take much longer than they should.

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