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The FXCM Group of Companies (collectively, the “FXCM Group”) is a leading provider of online currency (foreign exchange) trading, CFD trading, spread betting and related services. Its mission is to inspire global traders with access to the world’s largest and most liquid market.
They offer innovative bargaining tools striving to provide the best online trading experience in the market.


7 thoughts on “FXCM Forex Trading – www.fxcm.com”

  1. Worst experience ever. As I started getting better at trading they would close the other pair so if I closed GBPUSD the USDJPY position would close. The second time it happened I pulled my acct and went to another broker…

  2. Nothing but good execution, fast withdrawals, and 24 hour metatrader support.
    SHAME IMHO that the CFTC is shutting them down to US traders. Nothing but good service in the two years with them. Oh well.

  3. Cruz José says:

    I am extremely disappointed with FXCM. Although there are many useful tools to use for setups, their overall performance is bulky, awkward and cumbersome. Additionally the platform is very slow and platform documentation is poor and incomplete. If this is all that US has to offer its forex traders…there is plenty of room for improvement here.

    1. It was also an issue for me every day its platform. At the end of the day I decided to leave FXCM. The best decision without a doubt!

  4. I used this broker somewhere around last year, through a Malaysian IB, he tought me how to trade forex in, but it was CRAP. That was a different story. So here is about FXCM. The Customer service is very friendly and deposit/withdrawal is quite fast. But my problem is the slippage, which for example GBPJPY usually charge me around 5-6 pips, but sometimes it slips me up to 16 pips. How much left do i have to make a profit? My friend even suggest me not to use this broker and im glad Im out, especially under that IB who suggest to trade over leverage.

    1. Hi there, this is my experience:
      I had a FXCM accound (active trader 3000059352) my balance was $ 76,000. I had one position opened (GBP / USD) 1M Lot size, at price 1.30949. I’m a US resident, our only leverage is 1:50. On Oct / 6/2016 FXCM closed that position (due to margin requirements) with a loss of $ 66k due to the Gbp / Usd flash crash. I only had $ 11k left in my account. When i contacted them many times to make sure of the right margin calculations. They said nothing was wrong and that happened due to some SLIPPAGES. But about $ 19k or more slippage ?? From the magin requirements for that position that is supposed to be closed at. That was not fair at all. So I talked to a lawyer about my case and he’s going to make a lawsuit against FXCM to get my money back.

    2. Nothing good comments, it would be better not to approach this broker.

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