8 thoughts on “Cobra Trading – www.cobratrading.com”

  1. They don’t look professional, they don’t know how to give information to customers.

  2. Rick Montgomery says:

    I’m VERY happy with their customer service, the best I’ve experienced. I have Sterling Pro Platform and am very happy with it. I would also recommend them to anyone.

  3. How are the shorts available with cobra and is there a minimum?

  4. Erick menesteres says:

    There is not much information about this broker, I have my doubts.

  5. It has no real broker name, I need to know something more reliable than enough security. I am looking for a good broker to invest.

  6. Ronald Yellow says:

    Has anyone been with this broker for more than 6 months? I want opinions.

  7. I don’t think it’s a good broker to bet large amounts of money, if the minimum is $ 50, that’s what should be invested. Never more than $ 500

  8. The information they offer to their clients is very unprofessional and for this reason I think that this company cannot be trusted.

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