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BullionVault has obtained World Gold Council approval and is the largest online service specializing in gold investment. Currently, this company is responsible for more than $2.2 billion belonging to 45000 customers. It belongs to the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), an international trade association, which represents the London market for gold, silver, platinum and palladium ingots and has a global customer base. This includes most central banks that have gold, private sector investors, mining companies, producers, refiners and manufacturers.


11 thoughts on “BullionVault – www.oro.bullionvault.es/”

  1. Jhonny R12 says:

    It is the whole process very easy. The page is very well designed and is very comfortable to navigate with everything very clear. The doubts have been treated very kindly and effectively. I recommend it.

  2. Cameron A says:

    Two-step login system, provides security.
    Telephone support in Spanish and expert.
    Easy buying and selling, buying and selling assistant.

  3. Marcus Curry says:

    Very good platform for the purchase / sale of physical gold, offers the option of home delivery of the gold purchased if ever desired and is an aspect to be valued since it is not offered by the physical gold ETC’s. The platform is simple to use and the bid / ask spread of the home market is tight.

  4. Tyler Hastings says:

    As for commissions, it is more expensive than a physical gold ETC, they charge a lot of interest, but if the investment is long term, the purchase / sale costs are diluted over many years.

  5. Aaron Miller says:

    To this day I have not had any problems. The attention and operation of the web is ideal. They removed the use of footprint for access to the platform and that is the only bad thing.

  6. It is a very transparent page, in which everything is very clear from the beginning. Operating is very easy and you can do it from home. From my point of view the fees for gold custody are not high.

  7. Victoria Glam says:

    The web works fine, but the app has a lot to improve. Many of the features you have to go to the web, it is also quite bland.

  8. Allen Rodman says:

    Commissions are an abuse, especially € 15 for withdrawal of balance to the client’s bank. I will never do anything again through BullionVault, it seems to me that they are being charged. I do not recommend it.

  9. Iverson Barkley says:

    They do not have a price comparator or real-time price monitor, we never know the true value of gold, the platform has to improve.

  10. Juan Soler says:

    Es un excelente broker, tiene una plataforma bastante sencilla y el servicio es bueno, las comisiones son altas pero valen la pena.

  11. Alessio Benassi says:

    La mia esperienza con questo broker è stata eccellente e non ho lamentele, il supporto tecnico è molto buono ed è disponibile in diverse lingue. Lo consiglio vivamente.

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