11 thoughts on “Brokerz.com – www.brokerz.com”

  1. Tyler Briggs says:

    Brokerz has managed to position itself in the ranking of the best runners. Due to its security and legality, it is a platform where we can carry out our operations with complete confidence. It has good tools, particularly if I recommend it.

  2. Freddie Down says:

    I invested a lot of money and when I hinted that I was going to withdraw what I invested, since I was earning double, the calls made by my supposed administrator made me stop, I asked her to let me talk to someone responsible for me to withdraw my money and I He promised to call the next day, I’m still waiting for that call.

  3. Marius Montgomery says:

    I want to make everyone’s knowledge that I have been a victim of scam by this company, since wanting to withdraw funds from my account they have found a thousand and one ways to find excuses for not doing what literally becomes a scam.

  4. Evan Salvatore says:

    I am a scalper. And to get serious benefits with scalping you need a good broker. Because without a broker that knows what it does in trading, scalping is impossible, that’s why I’m trying this broker and I think it’s going pretty well.

  5. Demetriad says:

    There are no versions in other languages, it is only available in English and this can be tedious when you do not speak the language, there are some other complaints but it is not as bad as it seems.

  6. On some scamming crooks, people promise juicy profits to invest and the last one comes out saying that the stock market behaved badly that everything went down or up and because of this they keep the money.

  7. Cory Welling says:

    Deposits are fast, they are credited immediately, but to withdraw takes a long time, I have been waiting for 3 weeks and they still tell me that it is in process.

  8. Passmore R says:

    Your dividends are not reimbursed when requested, they are not a good broker unless you do scalping. I do not recommend it.

  9. Toby Bell says:

    It is an unregulated broker, enough information to distrust them as a broker.

  10. It is one of the best brokers I have tried in my life, I am totally sure to invest my money with them and I definitely recommend their services.

  11. Aleixo Jota says:

    Realmente no están regulados como lo aseguran en su página y además no poseen una información de contacto exacta, suficientes motivos para no confiar en esta compañía.

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