5 thoughts on “BitStamp – www.bitstamp.net”

  1. Fast, Secure, Excellent lay out, Great range of gear, 100% positive experience.

    The site has a very user friendly layout and method of searching for gear.. And its black, so its easy on the eyes (great if you just want to spend time researching) .. Many items have a video ‘show for scale’ – where you can take a look at the item and check out it’s size and stats.

    Very efficient with postage and a quality service and website all in all.

  2. I would rate this Bitstamp subpar, there basically just do whatever they want when they want. I wrote several emails, called several times and left voice. Its been over a week and still no reply. They trapped my bitcoins to the point where I was scared to lose my money and had to transfer it my bank account which the last thing I wanted too. I would go with a different Platform the has better communication and actually cares about its clients. Bitstamp.com is a good example of why people don’t trust Bitcoin. They keep themselves at arms length from the clients to make sure they can do what they want. They were quick to take my bitcoins and but to release them they not even want to deal with me.

  3. Bitstamp is good if you are happy to stick to JUST Crypto.
    But a real trader will want diversity.

  4. My reason for buying bitcoins in principle is purely academic, that is, I do it to learn, if you decide to do so to speculate with the intention of taking profits you must know that it is a risk operation and that the author of this blog does not Assumes no responsibility for your actions, whether you win or lose you will be the only beneficiary or disadvantage.

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