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  1. My first deposit is made to this broker, his talks about indicators helped me a lot to understand the market.

  2. Good running runner is quick to do scalping, I have not had problems with them, withdrawals are always processed on time.

  3. Bowie Dick says:

    I am someone who is not familiar with online commerce, but with Andean FX I started and it was simple, it allowed me to overcome my limitations, and I really began to understand well in online trading thanks to them. Now I am making good money and I am not going to stop there.

  4. It is a worthy broker, I have nothing negative to say about Andina FX after 4 months. I hope everything remains well.

  5. Marco Bellucci says:

    Mainly trade with currency pairs and crypts. I regularly withdraw earnings and have never had problems with them. I recommend that you use andean fx if you are starting trading.

  6. I used to trade with another broker, the yield was regular, the profit was not great. But with Andina FX everything is better. Reliable agent, trading with him is profitable and convenient.

  7. Drake Crawford says:

    Good broker, within the list of the best I have met is Andinafx, the money remains safe.

  8. Michael Arden says:

    The margin per contract is 0.5% and I have seen brokers that exceed the margin, the truth andinafx has earned my confidence for being serious people and that keep my money safe.

  9. The platform can be translated in approximately 10 languages, I regularly use it in Spanish and it is perfectly organized. I recommend andinafx.

  10. Milton Clein says:

    Keeping the money safe is difficult in 2016 I was scammed by a broker that stole 20,000 USD, but with Andinafx I have been safe since I started, withdrawals are very fast unlike other brokers.

  11. Safe service, the money is kept generating real profits and there is no manipulation of graphics as in many brokers. Andinafx is legal.

  12. Spencer Campbell says:

    The Multi Account Managers software has an easy-to-use interface for professional traders, it is a wonder that only Andinafx can offer. Account managers are fascinated with this wonder of andinafx.

  13. There are no requotes, the spreads are good, they are not market makers, therefore they do not manipulate the price and the withdrawals are processed during the same day

  14. Jensen L. says:

    I am completely satisfied with my operations and execution of orders, because I have been negotiating with this broker for a year, all withdrawal requests are made on time and I had no problems

  15. Aiden Coppola says:

    Good broker! No technical problems, no questions for execution. The spreads are good enough. Withdrawal on the same day of the request. But keep in mind that the bank can have funds for up to three days. I recommend andinafx.

  16. Miguel Nunier says:

    This company is a broker for true professionals. I really like the service they provide! I’ve been operating with this broker for 2 years now. I can’t say that I mentioned that something is wrong with them.

  17. I’ve been with them for a while and I’m super happy, all great and fast. I like it because with them I can use a simple and fast platform.

  18. Bruno Persson says:

    I love this broker, a year ago I lost $ 15,000 in a bad broker, but with the help of this broker I recovered more than that amount. I congratulate its owners, it is wonderful.

  19. I have been highly recommended this broker and I am interested in joining people. I hope to do it before the end of the month and live a good experience.

  20. During the first month the profit was enough to cover debts, I have no complaints from this broker and on the contrary I am satisfied.

  21. Zach Price says:

    I can only speak well of this broker because I have not had any problems with them. They offer a multitude of forms of entry and withdrawal, their spreads are spectacular, with the account I opened they do not charge me commissions and give me a support service and personalized attention.

  22. For now it has always worked well for the long term, and general terms. The service is the best among many brokers.

  23. I love this broker, I do not understand how it is not known. You can trade in almost any imaginable financial instrument, its level of leverage is good, and it is best that it has low spreads.

  24. D' angelo says:

    Hello everyone, I had problems with them, but they fixed it quickly, it was a system error. Now I have been able to make the withdrawals without any problem, they are excellent people.

  25. Joshua Jaeger says:

    they offer many opportunities and excellent conditions for a profitable trade, what matters most to me at this point is monetary stability, the graphs are not manipulated and spreads are low.

  26. Sa plate-forme de devises en ligne basée sur le Web est excellente, ce qui m’aide à atteindre mes objectifs en matière de trading de devises. Les informations sur votre site, ainsi que votre support en ligne, sont très précieux pour moi.

  27. Bisset Bellamy says:

    La chose la plus importante pour moi sur une plate-forme de négociation est non seulement la facilité avec laquelle je peux obtenir mon compte financé, mais également la facilité avec laquelle il est possible de retirer des fonds. Honnêtement, je peux dire que c’est la plate-forme la plus rapide que j’ai utilisée pour obtenir des fonds de mon compte de trading, puis de mon compte bancaire. Un grand merci à mon responsable de compte et à l’équipe pour avoir rendu ce processus sans stress.

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