10 thoughts on “TD Ameritrade – www.tdameritrade.com”

  1. michael verman says:

    They suck bastards the service does not work.

  2. luisen brain says:

    how disgusting this fucking fucking platform does not work they should eliminate it

  3. I use a broker that has a very good platform but Think or Swim graphics are far superior to anyone. I was using a Demo account to see the graphics and my time expired.

  4. Timotty Green says:

    I did not like the experience, I have nothing positive to say about them.

  5. Kirk Sharman says:

    There are companies that sign up with these brokers and quickly accept the records for their income are over $ 10,000 but when an individual and common user requests income it can even take a long time. It’s an obvious scam to companies, I don’t know how they do it but it’s very strange

  6. I didn’t have a good experience, I wish I had never invested in this broker because he ended up stealing from us

  7. Armbrüster says:

    Fürchterlich ist die Durchsuchung für diesen Broker, es ist langsam, es dauert sehr lange und es dauert etwa 120 Stunden, um ein Minimum an Konten zu genehmigen, ich weiß nicht, ob das bei Leuten passiert, die Konten mit mehr Geld haben, Aber es ist ein Spott als Kunde.

  8. Qui a dit qu’il fallait déposer plus d’argent pour retirer ? La plupart des Broker, y compris celui-là, ont cette condition pathétique, si je veux retirer l’argent parce que j’en ai besoin, pourquoi je te déposerais plus ?

  9. When you get considerable earnings they block your account and keep all your money. They are scammers.

  10. Arnold Bullard says:

    There is nothing good in the services offered by this broker, one of the worst I’ve had for years.

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