11 thoughts on “Ainvestments – www.ainvestments.com”

  1. Tian Swan says:

    I express my opinion without pretending that all those who read it, stop doing business with that company if they wish, but do take their precautions and can mainly have access to the opinions of other people that I am sure will have been victims just like me I was from this company.

  2. Toby Rivers says:

    I opened an account with them and closed it at midyear. The conditions for trading with cfds are not very good compared to other brokers, it also does not offer much variety in trading instruments.

  3. Di Laurentis says:

    The platform is terrible, the options to operate are ridiculous and do not work. There are brokers better than this.

  4. No benefits to highlight, poor service, poor tools, few markets. Nothing positive

  5. Adolf White says:

    The website is well developed, easy to use and very dynamic, but it has many disadvantages that make me doubt.

  6. It is not a reliable broker, it is not regulated and it seems that they do not even care to show that despite this they can be a good broker and this is because they are not.

  7. Carmack Enzo says:

    This broker is a scam and an exact copy of Ainvesting.com.

  8. Bradley Roberts says:

    Beginner accounts are not offered educational material, a great failure. I do not recommend it.

  9. Evangeline says:

    Vous ne jouez pas avec l’argent des gens, les conseillers commerciaux de ce courtier jouent et parient sur des pertes irrémédiables avec l’argent d’autres personnes, c’est irrespectueux.

  10. Jorge Villegas says:

    La atención es mala, son muy groseros. No intentan resolver los problemas de las personas, no atienden en el tiempo record que dicen que lo hacen, es una burla.

  11. Depuis la création de cette société, ils sont reconnus comme des arnaqueurs et bien qu’ils aient essayé de la cacher, il est bien évident qu’ils ne veulent que voler de l’argent à leurs clients.

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