11 thoughts on “2mercados – www.2mercados.com”

  1. Sophie Arias says:

    I have invested with them for a month and I have not earned anything, I want to know if there is any concrete way to recover my money, they call me every day telling me that I am in danger of losing everything and they tell me to deposit more to recover but I will not do it.

  2. Paris Lee says:

    I deposited 700 thousand Colombian pesos and lost them, I invested on August 12 and they disappeared completely, the messages and mail do not respond, so much effort to get that money and lose it. May God forgive me for being so confident and not investigating first.

  3. Xavier Newton says:

    A Latin woman called me to convince me to invest. his number comes from London England at all costs he wants me to invest trying to convince me for more than half an hour at the end I cut the call and continued to insist.

  4. Rut Olivieira says:

    I have $ 250 invested in this broker, they ask me to put 600 US dollars more and they tell me not to withdraw the money because the Super Bank of Peru (asbanc) can audit me for having few operations done, what they want is to steal my money.

  5. They are not regulated, they say they are in London but in reality they are in Mexico. There are videos on youtube where it shows how they do to scam.

  6. If you have money with this broker do not deposit more money, nothing guarantees that they will be returned, on the contrary. There are already many scammed.

  7. Malcom Vega says:

    The money cannot be recovered and there is no communication with the broker, I think they blocked my whatsapp, my agent was supposedly fired and I could not claim my money.

  8. Daniel Castañeda says:

    Este es un broker muy popular en Ecuador, pero no popular por ser bueno sino por las increíbles estafas que realiza cada semana a miles de usuarios. Aquí se estableció una denuncia contra ellos hace unos meses

  9. Héctor Díaz says:

    Me pedían una inversión de 350 $ pero yo les dije que no tenía en ese momento, que tenía otras urgencias y me comenzaron a presionar a través de muchas llamadas el mismo día, en ese momento yo empecé a dudar de estos señores, en mi teléfono me sale un número de reino unido, esa fue la primera llamada, al otro día me llamó un peruano (por el acento) y como le dije que no tenia interés en invertir con ellos y se molestó mucho.

  10. Marcel Kehrer says:

    Es ist einer der schlimmsten Broker, die es gibt. Sie versuchen nur, den Anfängern Geld abzunehmen.

  11. Roberto Molina says:

    La información que poseen en su página es falsa y eso no genera nada de seguridad para invertir con ellos, son estafadores.

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